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Centrifugal Casting High Speed Steel Roll and Ring for Rolling Mill


The shell is a high carbon alloy steel containing Cr, Mo, W, V and Nb. The microstructure consists of complex carbides embedded in a tempered martensitic matrix. Control of the carbon and a complex heat treatment allows the optimization of wear-resistance, thermal fatigue resistance and oxide film formation, whilst maintaining low residual stress values.

Mechanical Properties Centrifugal
Hardness of shell HSD75-85
Hardness of neck HSD35-48
Tensile Strength of Core ≥450Mpa


Chemical Analysis

C Si Mn Cr Mo W V Nb
1.6/2.3 0.3/0.9 0.2/0.8 3.0/6.0 3.0/6.0 1.0/4.0 2.0/6.0 1.0/3.0


Widely used as the F5 and F6 work roll for hot strip mills, the pre-finishing stands of high-speed wire mills and the finishing stands of bar mills.