About Horton Group

HORTON Group, with more than 25 years experience in Metallurgy field, is dedicated to supplying top quality products in the Steel and Foundry Industry. Horton could provide quality products, expert technical support and high level of service for the customers worldwide. HORTON offers solution service for steel and Metallurgy industry.
Tundish Porous Upper Nozzle

To solve clogging problem occurred on conventional tundish upper nozzle and submerged entry nozzle, Horton developed porous upper nozzle serial products including fast-change type and normal type. The replacement of SEN may be done during casting when using Horton serial fast change porous upper nozzles, and longer tundish casting sequence is obtained. Horton has offered porous upper nozzles to a decade of steelworks, gaining high customer satisfaction.

Al2O3 %  Min. 80 80 80
C+SiC %  Min. 10 10  
Bulk Density  g/cm3  Min.


3.15 3.1 3.15
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa  Min. 60 45 70
Modulus of Rupture     MPa  Min. 12 10 15
Apparent Porosity %  Max. 10 16 15
Permeability % - 100 -