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HORTON Group, with more than 25 years experience in Metallurgy field, is dedicated to supplying top quality products in the Steel and Foundry Industry. Horton could provide quality products, expert technical support and high level of service for the customers worldwide. HORTON offers solution service for steel and Metallurgy industry.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Rolls

The production line of rolls in our company has adopted paraffin process combining with spray drying technology up-to-date in the world to ensure the properties of the raw material. With 500-ton Alpha presses imported from U.S.A., Sinter hip furnace from U.S.A. and Germany and ASEA HIP from Sweden. Our company is capable to produce all kinds of roll blanks with improved microstructure and properties. The Wendit Special Grinder (for grinding rolls) and groove grinder, made in Germany, also guarantee the size accuracy of finished rolls. Our company own proprietary technical know-how in producing rolls and the company quality standard Q/62071126-8 108.1-2006 guarantee the quality of rolls.

The roll outer diameter is up to 500mm and thickness 250mm. Special rolls are available upon request.

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TiC-based Cemented Carbides

The guide roll made of TiC-based Cemented Carbides are the main consumptive parts, completed together with cemented carbide roll-rings in rod and wire milling in steel industry to ensure that the heated steel can be exactly guided into roll groove to prevent steel winding and tail swing.

TiC-based Cemented Carbides and their mechanical properties

Grade Main Components Density
HRA hardness (20C) N/mm2 
Transverse Rupture Strength 
Young’s modulus
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6 Applications
HTN-1 (Ti,W)C - Ni 6.40~6.70 ≥84.5 ≥1500 370 7.0 Guide roll
HTN-2 (Ti,W)CN- Ni 6.35~6.55 ≥83.0 ≥1600 360 7.0 Guide roll

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TiC-based Cemented Carbides