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HORTON Group, with more than 25 years experience in Metallurgy field, is dedicated to supplying top quality products in the Steel and Foundry Industry. Horton could provide quality products, expert technical support and high level of service for the customers worldwide. HORTON offers solution service for steel and Metallurgy industry.

Blast Tuyere/Copper Tuyere


Blast Tuyere/Copper Tuyere 

Tuyeres can be produced in different designs as single-chambered, double-chambered and assembled forged nose to the casted body. To make 
the lifetime longer, advanced production technics are carried out.


1. Wide Scope for choose--- Single-cavity Tuyere, Double-cavity Tuyere, Three-cavity Tuyere, Baffled Tuyere, . etc 
2. High purvity of Copper Content--- Made of Copper of CU≥ 99.5%, which increase the electric conductivity and assure the life-span of the Tuyere. 
3. Approved Welding Technology--- Matured welding technology gurantee the high performance and quality of the Tuyere. 
4. X-ray Test good quality. 
5. Tailor-made to your requirements.

One year at operation with the following specification:

1.           Hot-blast pressure:   4,1 atm
2.           Hot-blast temperature:    1250 °C
3.           Blast rate (for 22 tuyeres):   4900 m3/min.
4.          Natural gas flow rate (for 1 tuyere):    2000  m3/h
5.           Oxygen consumption (for 1 tuyere):   1800 m3/h
6.           Cooling water pressure:   5-5,5 atm
7.           Cooling water consumption (for 1 tuyere):  15-20 t/h
8.           Cooling water temperature: up to 35°C